Dr. Todd Farnsworth, ND

Dr. Todd Farnsworth was born and raised in Kamloops into a family of naturopathic physicians. Surrounded by such strong and influential practitioners of natural medicine from such an early age, Dr. Todd’s career choice came as no surprise.


He met his wife, Janet, who hailed from Newfoundland, in pre-med at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Dr. Todd earned a Bachelor of Science. Following the completion of undergrad, the pair married and moved to Portland to study naturopathic medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, where Dr. Todd’s father, Dr. Gerald Farnsworth, earlier served on the founding board of directors.



Upon graduation, the two returned to Kamloops where Dr. Todd then joined his father’s practice, Farnsworth Clinic. Dr. Gerald practiced for four years following Dr. Todd’s graduation, then retired.

Dr. Todd has been in practice for 20 years, but he still consults his father and other elders of naturopathic medicine for advice. He practices fundamental naturopathic medicine, with a focus on identification of the cause of disease and removal of obstacles to health in order to treat the whole person, rather than just their ailments.



Dr. Todd’s deep respect for the field of naturopathic medicine and feeling of privilege at being able to practice such forward-thinking health care has engendered a sense of responsibility to the profession.

He has served as chair of the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Association, an entity that provides continuing education to naturopathic doctors, for 20 years. He has served as chair of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia Advertising Committee, board member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association (now the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors) and board member of the Canadian Naturopathic Education and Research Society (now the Canadian Naturopathic Foundation).

He is currently a member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, the British Columbia Naturopathic Association, the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Under Dr. Todd’s direction, Farnsworth Clinic has served as a training clinic for future naturopathic physicians. Dr. Todd continues to support naturopathic medical schools.



Dr. Todd practices what might best be described as physiological medicine, in which the emphasis is on restoring normal functions to the human body in a safe and non-invasive fashion.

He is, first and foremost, a general practitioner who enjoys the variety of health care challenges presented to him on a daily basis. Dr. Todd has a particular interest in geriatric, pediatric and sports medicine. Much of his practice focuses on physical medicine, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular health.

He holds a prescribing license issued by the Province of British Columbia. This allows him to prescribe drugs in harmony with natural medicines.

Dr. Todd integrates laboratory investigations and thorough physical examinations with conversations with his patients in order to cultivate a complete medical history. He listens carefully to each patient in order to develop individual care plans that focus on the whole patient, rather than their illness, and strive toward the restoration of health and prevention of disease.



Dr. Todd and his wife have two wonderful sons. His family loves listening to music, reading, cooking, playing tennis and hockey, camping, spending time with family and travelling – especially if it involves palm trees! Dr. Todd cherishes time with extended family, as well as building relationships with patients and fellow naturopathic and allied health care professionals.

He loves what he does and enjoys coming to work each morning. He’s often heard saying that he’s spoiled by the best staff imaginable. Together, Dr. Todd and his team provide a caring and healing environment in which they strive to treat patients as they would family.